Car Buying Tips

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Car Buying Tips 

Choosing to purchase a new car is a big decision! Since buying a new car requires a sizable investment, some preparation is necessary. You are not alone if you do not know where to begin when looking to purchase a new vehicle. The same sentiment is shared by many drivers in the county as a whole, as well as in Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Review the following guide from Alfa Romeo of Omaha in order to assist you in making an informed purchase and driving a vehicle you genuinely love. Get in touch with us right away if any of the new cars at our dealership catch your eye. 

Tips For Finding Your Perfect New Car

How do you decide which car to buy? Here are our top four tips for choosing the right vehicle: 


  1. Focus Your Search: What kind of driving habits do you have? How much space do you need for passengers and cargo? What technology and safety features are important to you? You can focus your car search by asking these and similar questions. 
  2. Choose Your Top Three Options: Examine the lifespans, safety rankings, and other relevant data for your top three options. Most new models have a wealth of information available to give you a clear idea of what to anticipate. 
  3. Conduct a Local Search: By investigating local car lots and requesting price quotes, you can weigh your options and identify the best deal. 
  4. Think About Upcoming Holidays & Sale Weekends: Are there any upcoming holidays or significant sale weekends? Consider them when making your purchasing decisions to get a better deal on the preferred brand and model.  

We recommend browsing our new vehicle specials for the type and size of vehicle you need to maximize your buying power.

Tips For Financing Your New Car

When you have decided on your favorite car, it is time to head to a nearby dealership. To create an appropriate budget, keep in mind these financial advice: 


  • Taxes: Sales tax on new cars is a standard, non-negotiable fee that is typically added to the loan amount for a new car. 
  • Trade-in Value: Trading in your current car, if applicable, to the dealership of your choice will give you more money for a down payment. To get the best price, it is wise to detail and clean the car thoroughly, as well as make minor repairs. If you still owe money on the car, the balance will be added to the cost of your new car. 
  • Interest Rate: Your interest rate will be lower the higher your credit score. Take action to raise your credit score if it is currently below where you would like it to be before investing in a new vehicle. One way to raise your score is to pay off all of your credit card debt and pay all of your bills on time. 

Browse the New Car Inventory at Alfa Romeo of Omaha in Omaha!

Are you ready to drive the perfect new car off the lot right now? The staff at Alfa Romeo of Omaha is prepared to put you in the driver’s seat as soon as possible. Apply for financing online and get started right away. Spend less time at the dealership and enjoy the thrill of a test drive right away!

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